Pareja estable in Spain

Pareja estable in Spain

The concept of Pareja Estable in Spain was born legally on December 2015, when Spanish Authorities included it on the list of relatives who can have access to immigration rights.

On the law is established that will be consider Pareja Estable: non married couples or Pareja de hecho registrada with a child in common or who have been living together at least a year. But they not close the door to other possibilities.

Pareja estable in Spain: Concept and requirements

The differences with married couples or Pareja de hecho, is that you don’t go through any procedure. Actually, it is within the procedure of applying for the residence permit were you will have to prove your status of Pareja Estable.

Pareja Estable in Spain

Depending on your current situation that will means submitting the birth certificated of your child or proofs of you both living together the previous year before the application.

Notice that unless there is a legal instrument providing exemption from that obligation, all foreign public documents must be legalised in order to be valid in Spain and sworn translated.

Parejas estables, like for migration right, has to prove their status each time they want to have access to any right married couple or Pareja de hecho has recognized by law, with different results.


If are in this situation already or you are about to start the procedure and want to prepare your application properly, you can contact us and in the consultation we can study your case.

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