Tips on immigration law in Spain you should know

Tips on immigration law in Spain you should know

Immigration law in Spain has four different areas:

  • EU citizens and their relatives.
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs, highly-skilled workers and intra-company transfers.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Rest of foreign to whom do not apply any of the mentioned circumstances  

Welcome! Tips on immigration law in Spain

Depending on which of these areas you belong your producers will be complete or slightly different. These nuances apply also to the places where you will have to address from the Immigration Offices to the Police Stations. At the same time, several agencies are involved in the immigration law:

  • Consulates depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación).
  • Police Stations depends on the Ministry of Domestic Affairs (Ministerio de Interior).
  • Asylum Offices depends on the Ministry of Domestic Affairs (Ministerio de Interior).
  • Immigration offices depends on the Government (Delegación o subdelegación del Gobierno) and on the Ministry of Employment and Security System (Ministerio de Empleo y de Seguridad Social).
  • Civil Registers depends on the Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de Justicia).
  • Empadronamiento depends on the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento).

immigration law in Spain

Some of the procedures will take place abroad, in those cases is the Consulate the Agency that lead the process. Other will take place in Spanish soil, there is were immigration offices are the main channel for the procedures. Their jurisdiction is based on the territory: the province.

Spain is divided into regions (17 Comunidades Autonomas) and they are also divided into provinces (52). Each province has its own immigration office, some provinces do have more than one, such us Madrid or Barcelona.


Feel free to send your questions about the Spanish system, we will published the answers in our blog.

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